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Dr Cassandra Aasmundsen-Fry Psy.D

Dr Cassandra

Hi, my name is Dr Cassandra. I am the head Clinical Psychologist and founder of MindWell. I see people of all ages and conduct individual, couples and family therapy. I help people struggling with their mental health, life changes, or personal growth create the lifestyle, future and relationships they want. Using compassion, genuineness and a little humour, I give people the tools they need for lasting change.

As a therapist, I am most inspired by the uniqueness and strengths of my clients. You should feel comfortable coming to therapy, no matter what you are facing, and it is my goal to make sure each person understands that their needs, boundaries and objectives are valid, welcomed and deserved. Facing mental health issues, managing complex relationships or embracing and accepting yourself does not have to be a process of shame and discomfort.

I knew I wanted to open a practice in Malaysia after practising in the United States and understanding the need for quality, private and non-judgmental psychotherapy in Malaysia. I bring quality psychological services as one of the few psychologists in Malaysia with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and extensive training and practice in the United States. I utilise cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT), and the latest evidence-based methods to address clients’ problems.

I am American, Norwegian and Malaysian, and I use my experiences from living in different countries to inform my approach to accepting my clients as they are.

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