No matter what you are facing, our psychologists will be able to meet your needs and provide a supportive and affective treatment plan. On top of being trained to identify and treat the full range of established mental health diagnoses, we offer specific expertise in many areas, the more common ones listed below.

Anxiety, Panic Disorder, Depression, and Stress

Around 30% of individuals residing in Malaysia report stress, anxiety or depression. If you are facing one of these difficulties, you may frequently feel on edge, down, nervous or anxious, worry excessively, struggle with sleep and have lowered motivation, energy and ability to concentrate. If you find it challenging to participate in work, social activities or do the things you usually enjoy, it is time to seek a psychologist to address your symptoms and get you back on track.

Trauma and

Trauma occurs after loss, when experiencing or witnessing a death or near-death experience, or when our boundaries are violated due to physical, sexual or emotional abuse. If you have been through something traumatic, you are likely to feel shame, guilt, doubts about yourself, and fears for safety and may experience the traumatising event in nightmares, flashbacks and intrusive thoughts. Therapy can help you process your loss or trauma and develop coping skills to make you feel safe and restore your trust in the world.

Burnout and

You may be familiar with burnout, as a sense of exhaustion and lack of motivation related to work. Burnout can be related to all aspects of your life and looks like increased susceptibility to illness, physical ailments, stress, unaccomplishedness, lack of desire to connect with others, taking excessive time off from work, and a general sense of feeling unwell. At MindWell, we help you identify and restore boundaries in your work and lifestyle to reengage with your career, the people you care about and yourself.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

OCD is experienced as having intrusive thoughts about something that feels unacceptable and causes distress, leading to the urge to engage in compulsive behaviour. Reviews may be related to hygiene, contamination, sex, religion or aggression. This does not mean you intend to act on these thoughts; our psychologists can help you diminish the distress you experience and return to a comfortable level of living.