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Claudia Chan

Clinical Psychologist

Who am I? 

Hi my name is Claudia, I am a licensed clinical psychologist. Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) approach, I help people to understand their thought and behavioral patterns of the issues they are facing and guide them to make gradual changes that improves their quality of life.

In my work as a clinical psychologist, I value working collaboratively with my clients in therapy to identify the underlying root causes of their issues, as I believe that you are the expert in the experience of your struggles, and your participation in therapy would contribute a big part in the healing process of your pain. Throughout therapy, you might experience difficult feelings when confronting these issues, as they might have been buried for a long time but therapy will allow you to hold a safe space for these difficult feelings without the need to push them away.

I believe in the strengths that each client has that might help navigate this process, and these strengths are unique to each client that might tailor different strategies that works for you. After working with me, I hope that you will gain the ability to step back and reflect on your struggles with more clarity as therapy progresses.

Education & Experience