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Divaasini Deva

Clinical Psychologist

Who am I? 

Hi! My name is Divaa and I am a clinical psychologist. I work closely with individuals facing emotional, behavioral and relational concerns. As a psychologist, I value the collaborative relationship with my clients in working towards their therapeutic goals. In therapy, I am committed to providing a warm and supportive space for clients to process their thoughts and feelings. I also enjoy incorporating client’s interests in therapy work to make the journey more engaging.  I believe that the therapeutic journey is dynamic and I give great importance to client expression and autonomy.

How do I practice?

In my practice, I primarily practice Integrative Therapy which combines techniques from different therapeutic schools of thought, tailor made to the needs of the client. I also utilize Acceptance- Commitment Therapy (ACT) where I invite clients to be present with their feelings and to explore personal values that drive the action and reaction of the client.

Besides that, I practice Cognitive – Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to guide clients in acknowledging their thoughts, feelings and behavioral patterns as well as challenge any unhelpful or negative patterns that may impact the client’s quality of life. I also practice Superhero Therapy which uses fantasy and science fiction characters to facilitate shaping one’s behavior in order to manage symptoms and cope. This form of therapy incorporated principles from research supported therapy like CBT and ACT.

Education & Experience